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Bank Central Asia

Bank Central Asia is committed to being by its customers' side, earning their trust and living up to expectations. With Blueprint, they were able to accelerate development velocity by 50% while reducing risk and rework for their over 400 applications and 5,000 change requests per year.

Company Profile

Bank Central Asia is one of South Asia’s leading financial institutions headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. They offer a wide range of targeted and high-quality financial solutions to large and diverse customer segments. Operating in a heavily regulated industry, digital transformation, product delivery, and the ability to maintain a reliable system of record is key. Aligning business requirements and financial compliance with IT execution was paramount for this bank.

Industry: Financial Services
Employees: More than 24,941
Annual Revenue: More than $5 Billion
Customer Since: 2018


"Storyteller was the stand-out solution on the market that had the features to drive the change we wanted."
- Senior IT Analyst | Bank Central Asia
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Since Storyteller’s introduction, Bank Central Asia has experienced several key benefits across their organization for their over 400 applications and 5,000 change requests/business proposals each year.

3X More Collaboration
They have experienced three times as much collaboration across all units since adopting Storyteller with an initial 1000+ users.
50% Faster Development Velocity
Accelerated development velocity and cutting the software delivery time in half has provided a welcomed boost for their time-to-market. They are now able to consistently meet deadlines with programs now being delivered on schedule 85% or more of the time.
Reduced Risk & Easier Audit Process
Their compliance audit process now takes less time with fewer resources involved, minimizing risk and having more positive impacts on auditing.
Increased Value Delivery with Less Rework
The notable reduction of rework has been a welcome (and much needed) by-product of Bank Central Asia's use of Storyteller. This has contributed to their bottom line and improved value delivery to the market.

Challenges Faced

The main challenges faced by Bank Central Asia was their disconnected teams and siloed tools. This segregation of teams and assets led to missed requirements and rework that had downstream impacts. They required a platform to centralize all assets and improve team collaboration for IT, product management, and delivery which are essential in a heavily regulated industry.

Siloed & Disconnected Tools
Before Storyteller, Bank Central Asia defined, managed, and executed requirements for financial solutions using tools such as Sharepoint & Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Visio). Other tools like JIRA and Rational Focal Point were used to manage business & technical requirements, processes, and business proposals.
Lack of Effective Collaboration
Effective and agile collaboration was non-existent due to segregated assets across multiple toolsets. They required a central repository of information that could facilitate workflow management and cross-team discussion between stakeholders.
Inefficient Audits & Approvals
Bank Central Asia also faced inefficiencies with their tools when it comes to submitting compliance reports to auditors. The absence of traceability affected their ability to demonstrate compliance to auditors. Without a centralized repository and clear review protocol to capture digital approvals, the sign-off process was suboptimal. This decelerated development, introducing compliance risk due to lack of documentation and missed/lost requirements.

Blueprint Key Features

Bank Central Asia was determined to find a platform that addressed each challenge, defining its strategic IT artifacts with corresponding visual assets in a centralized & consolidated system of record. They wanted to remove manual distribution, provide a forum for collaboration, and facilitate a seamless review & approval process.

Centralized and Connected Data
Bank Central Asia's chosen solution needed to deliver a versioned repository and traceability to facilitate enterprise change management, drive regulatory compliance and streamline the audit process. It also needed to perform impact analysis to ensure compliance of regulatory assets and drive workflows from business proposals to downstream development assets (i.e. user/functional flows, features, user stories).
Improved Collaboration
Robust collaboration capabilities was a dominant focal point in their product search. They wanted a platform for all areas of their organization including business, development, quality assurance, compliance, risk, and release management, supporting distributed teams across multiple locations.
Seamless Integration with Existing Tools
Bank Central Asia needed a solution that could offer continuous integration with its IT suite of tools, connecting with JIRA for development work management along with their homegrown test management solutions, SAP PPM, and their IT Service Management Application.

Sample Headline

“Before Blueprint, all our requirements were managed in different tools and had to be distributed manually. This led to misalignment and even lost requirements which caused rework and missed deadlines. Now we have everything in one place, allowing us to significantly improve development time and limit rework.”

Senior IT Analyst | Bank Central Asia

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