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Lexipol is a software company that used Storyteller to empower more than 2 million first responders, public safety and local government officials by receiving 90% of the information they need through auto-generated user stories.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, Lexipol delivers defensible policies and training for public safety organizations through a web-based development system. They offer state-specific policy manuals, regular policy updates, and daily scenario-based training against policy.

Industry: SaaS
Employees: 300
Annual Revenue: $50-100 Million
Customer Since: 2018

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"Storyteller had the most robust toolset from a product management perspective, other tools could do what we wanted/were trying to accomplish, but they didn’t start from the project management perspective. Storyteller helped us start from the right place."
- William Floyd, CTO | Lexipol
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Since adopting Storyteller, Lexipol’s product managers are now able to accurately define processes and requirements, sort them by hierarchy for efficient reviewals, and allow developers more time for questions & clarification. This greater level of detail now gives Lexipol a better understanding of how long a product release will take to complete.

Visual Process Flows & Auto-Generated User Stories
They are now able to define more detailed processes through mockups that are automatically generated into user stories.
Clearer Requirements Definition & Traceability
Storyteller has made it easier for them to define business rules and non-functional requirements, making them traceable.
Virtual Elimination of Missed Requirements
They now spend almost no time on rework and consistently complete sprints within planned timelines, meeting project milestones & delivery expectations.
Greater Innovation Through Team Alignment
Storyteller’s review and approval processes now allows them to uncover questions and misinterpretation prior to development.
Better Understand Changes Through Impact Analysis
Storyteller’s centralized system of record easily captures discussions and changes while promoting ongoing feedback by tracing relationships between artifacts and the original requirements.

Challenges Faced

Lexipol’s Product Management team traditionally used a Product Requirements Document that outlined what should be built but failed to properly describe requirements for the development team. This led them to make their own interpretation of details, resulting in missed information and lengthy development cycles.

Time Consuming Manual Processes
Developers would need to manually translate documents to user stories in their JIRA backlog.
Missing or Incomplete Requirements
Requirements were missed 30-40% of the time which created significant problems.
Costly Late-Stage Rework
Since developers would begin without all of the details, adjustments would often be needed late in the development cycle.
Missed Timelines and Late Delivery
Processes took longer than initially defined in sprints. Releases scheduled for 4 months sometimes took up to 9 months.
Frustrated and Misaligned Teams
It was challenging to see when work was completed due to a lack of traceability between the requirements document and user stories.

Blueprint Key Features

Lexipol was determined to find a tool that would better define the requirements and processes of the software solutions they were developing. They wanted to easily generate user stories and trace this information within their JIRA backlog.

Team Alignment
They needed a tool product managers could use to define features and processes from the user perspective for the development team.
Bi-Directional JIRA Integration
To ensure there was no miscommunication, they wanted a tool that would automatically sync and update system requirements in either platform.
Robust Toolset
They decided Storyteller was the best-in-class tool to help solve their challenges after looking at Forrester and Gartner research reports and evaluating options like VersionOne, Rally, and others.

“If we hadn’t decided to use Storyteller, then we’d likely still be in the same position we were before – constantly wasting time and money on rework. Now, a year later, our teams are more aligned than ever, and producing products that not only meet the requirements, but also meet our milestones.”

William Floyd, CTO | Lexipol

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