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WPS Health Solutions

For this RPA case study in healthcare, WPS Health Solutions has served millions of Americans for more than 70 years to deliver a variety of health insurance options at the highest ethical standard. Using Blueprint, they were able to drastically improve how they manage requirements while reducing costs associated with rework but at least 10%.

Company Profile

WPS Insurance Corporation is one of the largest and only not-for-profit health benefit providers in the state of Wisconsin. WPS offers health insurance plans to millions of Americans for more than 70 years in both the private and public sectors.

Industry: Healthcare
Employees: More than 2,500
Annual Revenue: $900 million
Customer Since: 2015

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"The biggest piece that made Blueprint stand out was the requirements repository, and related to that, the traceability capabilities of the product."
- Project Manager | WPS Health Solutions
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

With Blueprint, WPS Health Solutions got the tool they needed to enable collaboration among their teams to define high-quality requirements. They were so impressed with the benefits that they decided to expand their use to focus more on improving requirements through visualization and reuse, promoting analysis and traceability to ensure compliance, and use Blueprint's test case creation feature to improve test management.

Reduced Errors & Time Saved
Their teams have seen a dramatic decrease in errors caused by poor requirements, eliminating rework and improving efficiency. By eliminating duplicate work, they expect to reduce their project cost by at least 10%.
More Control Over Requirements
Blueprint's centralized repository, predefined requirements, and robust traceability has helped them overcome the challenges of managing requirements in a complex, regulated environment.
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Their teams have responded positively to the new capabilities Blueprint provides which has improved overall satisfaction and project success. This collaboration has helped better engage their business and IT stakeholders.

Challenges Faced

WPS Health Solutions was looking to improve the quality of IT project delivery and overcome a number of significant challenges that accompanied it. They understood that poor software requirements often led to extended timelines and costly rework.

Lack of a Central Requirements Repository
Their requirements were defined in silos, project by project. With no tool to pull them together, they were consistently hindered from using similar requirements across different projects.
Difficulty Creating Visual Models
They new visualization would be a big help to boost collaboration and ensure compliance with the ever evolving regulations and changing internal policies. They wanted a model that would support the development and test team's understanding of all requirements.
Complex Tech Environment Facing Change
They were looking at a long road of implementing new solutions while improving their existing ones. They needed a way to align their teams and give them a clear understanding of project expectations from the beginning to reduce rework. And as a hybrid organization, they also wanted their chosen tool to support both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Blueprint Key Features

After a careful evaluation process, WPS Health Solutions selected Blueprint for its ability to manage requirements, support team collaboration, and generate test plans. They began by rolling the platform out to 58 users across three lines of business: Business Analysts, Developers, and Testers. All of these users used Blueprint to interact with requirements while leveraging its review and approval capabilities.

Greater Focus on Requirements Quality
By selecting a robust requirements definition and management tool, they were able to improve their team's skills and processes which would lead to improved project outcomes and reduced defects.
Best of Breed Requirements Solution
They recognized that Blueprint was a superior option to other options for its ability to connect features such as visualization, traceability, and reuse in an integrated environment. This empowered them to improve requirement quality, improve collaboration, and manage compliance.
Robust Traceability
Full-lifecycle traceability gave their teams the ability to ensure full requirements and test coverage which was critical for a regulated environment. By also supporting analysis, they were able to better understand the impact of regulatory change.
Requirements Reuse
Blueprint's centralized repository allowed them to leverage existing requirements across different projects. They expect this to continue improving the quality and consistency of their projects while accelerating IT delivery.
Supporting Agile & Waterfall
They rolled out Blueprint across their projects that follow a traditional Waterfall approach to start and expect it to support their Agile projects as well. Blueprint's ability to manage requirements, regardless of methodology, was essential to supporting their product portfolios.

Sample Headline

"Blueprint enables our teams to do far more than they could before."

Senior Solutions Manager | WPS Health Solutions

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