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Independent Health Association

Independent Health Association is dedicated to helping people and their families find the right health plans and benefits to support their needs. In this health case study, they used Blueprint to complete projects 20% faster by reducing manual work and aligning their teams.

Company Profile

Independent Health Association is a medium-sized enterprise that aims to provide the best health solutions for their customers. They utilized JIRA in their existing set-up to help with the software development for major projects.

Industry: Healthcare
Employees: More than 5,000
Annual Revenue: $2 Billion
Customer Since: 2012

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"Before Blueprint, almost all our tasks in the development cycle were done manually, now with Blueprint we have been able to automate those tasks and focus on strategic business solutions."
- IT Analyst | Independent Health Association
Blueprint Selection Process

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Since introducing Blueprint, Independent Health Association has been able to increase their efficiency while aligning their business and IT teams. 

Better Release Management Process
They are now able to deliver more successful and faster releases.
Centralized Repository
They introduced a permanent system of record for product and application deliveries.
Improved Team Alignment
They were able to streamline requirements processes and reduce rework.
Overall Business Improvements
They experienced an improvement in business focus, project release times, and understanding of customer expectations.

Challenges Faced

The key challenges faced were related to their projects. In this health case study, they began considering agile planning tools to create a more efficient environment for future projects and to enhance overall project success by:

Lack of Success
They wanted to improve the success of their application and product launches.
Outdated Processes
They wanted to increase the maturity and agility of planning and requirements gathering processes.
Business Change
They wanted to effectively manage the change process required by the business.
Lack of a Document Repository
They wanted to introduce a permanent system of record with complete documentation for deliveries.

Blueprint Key Features

Independent Health Association had a widespread set of criteria for choosing a new tool. They ultimately decided on Blueprint for its robust capabilities to connect development and testing efforts with business objectives.

Visual process flow and solution models.
Task Management
Tracking reviews and approvals.
Change Management
Requirements Traceability and Impact analysis.
Automatically generated use cases, tests, user stories, requirements reuse, regulations, and artifacts.
Blueprint Selection Process

"Our previous legacy systems, like JIRA, held us back, but Blueprint has helped us do far more than before by streamlining our requirements processes and aligning Business with IT capabilities."

Senior Solutions Manager | Independent Health Association

Reduce Manual Tasks and Align your Internal Team with Blueprint.

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