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Elekta develops high quality software that helps save lives from cancer and brain disorders. They used Blueprint to improve their processes, starting by deploying our system across 20-30 key users before rolling it out across the entire firm.

Company Profile

Located in Sweden, Elekta is a company that provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery, other related equipment, and clinical management for cancer and brain disorder treatment. They are an industry leader when it comes to developing innovative equipment and software for patients around the world.

Industry: Medical Devices
Employees: More than 3,600
Annual Revenue: More than $5 Billion
Customer Since: 2014

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"As people start engaging with the system, they get excited to use it. They definitely see it as superior to our old document-based approach."
- Jeff Hallet, Director of Global Process Engineering | Elekta
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Elekta is a company that plans to continue investing in their Agile framework. This includes creating a greater connection between Blueprint and other legacy tools to assist with their test case and intake management processes.

Easily Manage Incoming Work
Blueprint will be used in approximately 30 teams where intake management plays a big role in delegation and team structure.
Replace Outdated Approaches
They traditionally relied heavily on outdated document-based processes which will be transitioned to Blueprint.
Measure Employee Productivity
They intend to use Blueprint’s reuse capabilities to identify key performance indicators that show improvement in new activities compared to old ones.

Challenges Faced

Elekta is a company operating in a highly regulated industry, making it essential for them to meet applicable compliance regulations and standards while ensuring quality. A big part of this was controlling their software development and overall product development practices.

Wasted Time & Resources
Microsoft Word was heavily relied upon to create and manage product requirements, leading to wasted resources & additional rework.
Lack of Alignment & Consistency
They struggled to consistently define product functionality on a global scale, making it difficult to prioritize new projects until old ones were completed. This affected time-to-market delivery and increased overhead costs.
Lack of Team Collaboration
Prior to Blueprint, they were challenged to create an interactive work environment leading to knowledge gaps between teams. This stalled future project development since information was not properly transferred across the global organization.

Blueprint Key Features

To determine if Blueprint was the right solution for their organization, Elekta established a core set of users to see how the platform would work within their framework. They quickly realized the benefits and began plans for organization-wide adoption.

Robust Features & Ease of Use
They chose Blueprint as their primary solution for its ease of use and ability to meet industry compliance requirements, including electronic signature requirements. It supported their framework & empowered them to easily manage requirements through simplified definition, traceability, collaboration, use cases, workflows, and more.
Collaboration & Workflow Management
In this healthcare case study, Blueprint assisted them in breaking projects down into small tasks and improving team collaboration with a shared requirements repository. They were able to use Agile principles to maximize efficiency and create a shared vision for their products and the organization.
Traceability & System Integration
With traceability, they were easily able to maintain, verify, and validate their electronic processes for product requirements while easily integrating with HP ALM and cloud-hosting options.

Sample Headline

"With Blueprint, we were able to create a shared vision for products with a more efficient approach for work through the iterative process of Agile."

Senior Business Analyst | Elekta

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