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The City of Toronto

The City of Toronto is the largest government organization for a city in all of Canada. Since they introduced Blueprint, they increased their cycle release times, development velocity, and number of timely releases by up to 40%.

Company Profile

The City of Toronto is a government organization within the province of Ontario. As the largest government organization for a city in Canada, they have a lot of diverse projects that affect people across various sectors.

Industry: Government
Employees: 15,000
Annual Revenue: $11 Billion

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"With Blueprint, our teams have been able to deliver projects faster, and more efficiently than ever before!"
- Senior Solution Manager | The City of Toronto
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Since Blueprint was implemented, The City of Toronto now has a single central repository for all of their requirements which provides a complete understanding of business flows in all areas.

Aligned Project Teams
Blueprint has helped them increase cycle release time by more than 40% while increasing the number of releases on time and on budget by 31-40%.
Better Project Management
Blueprint demonstrated how screen mockups can be presented in the context of use cases. This gave all teams a common visual understanding of how the application under development supports the process and how it is intended to fulfill its objectives.
Improved Business Plans
Development velocity increased by up to 40% and a number of business plans experienced improvements of over 40% as well. Their development and QA teams are now more engaged in the requirements process and work with the latest requirements information maintained by the repository.

Challenges Faced

The key business challenges experienced by the City of Toronto were related to their overall projects. They required a tool to help enhance the overall success of their projects while creating a more efficient environment for future projects.

Product Release Cycle Time & Cost
Before Blueprint, their teams spent a lot of time in review and feedback cycles which inevitably led to longer release times and increased costs.
Development Velocity
The lack of collaboration features/capabilities within Microsoft Office and Sharepoint hindered the progress of projects, leading to unnecessary rework.
Business & Market Alignment
With the slow capabilities of their old tools, it was harder for them to adapt to changes in the market. This unfortunately led to some missed targets and opportunities.

Blueprint Key Features

A number of key features and functionalities led The City of Toronto to choose Blueprint for their organization and experience significant benefits across their teams.

Visual Process & Solution Models
Visual models were critical for enabling their business and IT stakeholders to collaboratively define requirements.
Baselines & Collections
Having permanent records on hand was an immense help when it came to references and audits.
Traceability & Impact Analysis
Using traceability to see the relationships between artifacts aided impact analysis, helping provide constant feedback.

Sample Headline

"In Microsoft Office and SharePoint our capabilities were far more limited than with Blueprint. With Blueprint we are able to ensure constant iterative feedback so our Business and IT teams are always aligned."

Senior Solution Manager | The City of Toronto

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