Global Insurance Provider Improves Business and IT Alignment with Blueprint's Centralized Repository

"Blueprint was the only tool that was able to offer our teams the features and functionalities they needed to make a change."

Senior Business Analyst

Company Profile

This Global Insurance Provider is one of the largest commercial insurers in the United States. This Corporation provides a range of insurance products and services for businesses and professionals worldwide. Working within a highly regulated industry, meeting and managing requirements efficiently is extremely important for the Corporation.


Global Insurance Provider



Number of Employees



United States


Visual Modeling Ensured
All Team Members
Were Aligned on
Project Objectives

centralized repository1

Improved Release Cycle
Time and Development
Velocity, with the
Centralized Repository

Traceability and Trackability

Visualization Improved
Business-IT Collaboration
to Align on
Development Capabilities

"We're now able to store all documentation and information related to regulations in one central location, which has saved us time and money."

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

The organization needed to develop a procedure that would improve their accountability for delivered work. The main pain points that they faced were:

Slow Release Cycle Times – Teams were not following timelines for project delivery, forcing the company to invest more resources to get it to its final stages.

Low Development Velocity – Teams were not developing project deliverables at an efficient pace, ultimately slowing down the entire development lifecycle.

Misaligned Business Goals and Market Needs – Business goals and market needs did not align creating confusion amongst team members with the intended end goal.

Missing Business Case Targets – As a result of unclear goals and lack of adherence to timelines the business, case targets were not met.

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Choosing Blueprint

This Global Insurance Provider set out to find a solution that would not only address their challenges but implement changes that would solve them. Blueprint was the only requirements management and visual modeling tool that was able to offer the organization the features and functionalities they needed to create these changes. They ultimately chose Blueprint because of its:

Visual Process and Solution Models

  • Visualization ensured that all team members understand their role and the expectations associated with it, improving the quality and alignment of the product being delivered to market.

  • Business stakeholders and IT benefited from this functionality to enable greater collaboration between the two groups, aligning business and development goals.

  • They leveraged automatically generated user stories as the use cases developed, which saved them time and money.

Baselines and Collections

  • Developing a company-wide document repository helped them to decrease rework time and improve release cycle time. This repository was essential in ensuring that information and documentation would be accessible for all members of the organization.

  • An improved understanding of project expectations is thereby acting as a solution to most of the challenges the organization had been facing.

Reuse of Requirements, Regulations, and Artifacts 

  • Reuse of Requirements, Regulations, and Artifacts

  • This organization is now able to store all documentation and information that relates to requirements, regulation, and artifacts. Company members can refer back to the information and reuse and modify it when needed. This has shortened the development lifecycle, improving release cycle times and development velocity.


Significant improvements were observed in all four previous areas of concern. This Global Insurance Provider was able to deliver and release 100% of their projects on time, according to scope and budget. In addition, the organization also achieved 90-99% of their business targets within the first 12 months of working with Blueprint.

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