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MetLife is dedicated to helping their customers meet their goals by offering solutions to help them navigate life’s twists and turns. With Blueprint, they reduced the effort needed to write and generate high quality user stories and requirements.

Company Profile

MetLife is a Fortune 500 Insurance provider that helps people find the best solutions for their needs. They serve approximately 100 million customers worldwide in close to 50 countries to deliver packages and benefits that are changing faster than ever.

Industry: Insurance
Employees: 49,000
Annual Revenue: $64 Billion
Customer Since: 2013

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"[Blueprint products provide] clear visibility into requirements and traceable approvals."
- Karen Lifsey, IT Vice President | MetLife
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Since introducing Blueprint, MetLife’s teams have been more aligned with clear visibility on their requirements and approvals. They have accelerated the delivery of their projects, respond faster to changes, and reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks.

Improved Cross-Team Collaboration
All of their teams experienced an increase in efficiency by storing all artifacts and technical documents in a centralized repository.
Standardized Task Management Enabled
In terms of reviews and approvals, this helped them immensely improve the efficiency of the product deliveries.
Experienced Benefits of Traceability
This was critical to their team alignment, helping all users respond faster to changes.

Challenges Faced

MetLife faced a number of key challenges with their existing JIRA setup and required a tool that would help them solve these issues, enhance overall project success, and create a more efficient environment for future projects.
Application & Product Release Management Process
They lacked an intuitive, understandable view of products to be delivered that could be reviewed with business stakeholders and large development teams.
Maturity/Agility of Planning & Requirements Gathering
Their teams were investing a lot of time and effort into manually writing and coordinating users stories & test cases.
Managing Changes Required by the Business
They lacked a complete set of documentation for previous deliveries which they wanted to implement to effectively manage business changes.

Blueprint Key Features

Blueprint offered a number of key features that could help MetLife solve their complex development challenges. Some of these features include.
Visual Solution Models
These enabled businesses and IT stakeholders to define processes collaboratively.
Reviews and Approvals
This workflow feature enabled them to standardize task assignment.
Automatic Generation of User Stories
They were able to accelerate their deliveries with automated user story generation.
Centralization, Reuse, and Standardization
They experienced improved user efficiency by allowing them to store and access previous artifacts & contents through a centralized repository.
Requirements Traceability and Impact Analysis
Tracing relationships between artifacts helped their users respond faster to changes.

"Blueprint is an end-to-end platform that stores all artifacts and technical documents in a centralized space improving our cross-team collaboration and accelerated delivery time."

Software Developer | MetLife

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