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Multi-National Professional Organization Migrates RPA Estate in Weeks Instead of Months, Saving Thousands by Avoiding Another Term of Expensive Licensing

Key Demographics

Industry: Accounting & Finance

Employees: 1,000+

Customer Since: 2024


About This Client

As a multi-national professional organization with over 500,000 members in nearly 200 countries, this company governs the accreditation and ethical standards for its discipline and professional members. In addition, they are responsible for continuously evangelizing and promoting their profession in an ever-changing global economy and climate. It provides its members exclusive guidance, specialized resources, designations, certifications, and credentials worldwide. 

“Blueprint enabled us to achieve the impossible when we really only had one option, which was moving to Microsoft Power Automate. With a very small IT team and a limited budget, Blueprint gave us a path to success that we just wouldn’t have been able to achieve without them.

- Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure and Security, Multi-National Accounting and Finance Organization

Benefits Achieved

0 % faster migration when compared with manual RPA migration.
0 bots migrated to Microsoft Power Automate injust 3 weeks, saving $32,000 inlicensing fees they would haveotherwise been forced to pay.
0 % cost savings on RPA’s total cost of ownershipafter switching to MicrosoftPower Automate.


With a modest yet business-critical RPA estate of 21 bots, the mandate for this client was simple: migrate those automated processes to Microsoft Power Automate to reduce their automation overhead before getting locked into another term on their expensive, legacy RPA provider.

This major global Accounting and Finance organization had a contract with a leading, legacy RPA provider that was up for renewal in three months. They didn’t have any room in their budget for the legacy RPA platform’s licensing fees, which had increased significantly. To make matters worse, they also needed to migrate their humble RPA estate onto Microsoft Power Automate to avoid roughly $32,000 for one month of operating costs they would have needed to pay their legacy RPA tool for parallel runs as they completed the migration.

The aggressive timeline to transition their bots to Microsoft was predominantly motivated by leaving their decision to move to Power Automate to the last second, rigid budget constraints made worse by the threat of having to pay for short-term licenses that were due to increase, and ultimately, to meet their objective of reducing automation’s total cost of ownership.

Initially, the client decided to attempt the migration manually with internal resources, however, that would take at least 6 months, even with dedicating all their development resources to this migration project. This approach was incredibly ambitious and presumed there would be no delays or bottlenecks which is never the case with manual migrations.

The client needed technology that would accelerate and facilitate their RPA migration so they could avoid hefty short-term licensing fees, not go dangerously over budget, and start enjoying the cost savings that Microsoft Power Automate afforded.



After performing a basic internet-based search, the client discovered Blueprint as the answer to their desperation to find a way to migrate their RPA estate in an automated way. Their search coincided with a promotion that Blueprint was running that would enable organizations with smaller RPA estates to migrate their bots at the incredibly competitive price of $3000 per bot, while allowing them to meet their aggressive timeline using only internal resources.

“When we discovered Blueprint and quickly had a personalized demo soon after, we immediately realized we found what we were looking for. Building a business case to purchase Blueprint was easy. Not only would it allow us to meet our incredibly time-sensitive deadline and avoid hefty fees from our legacy RPA tool, but it also saved us a significant amount of money by avoiding a manual migration. To put it more concisely—they really saved us.”

- Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure and Security,  Multi-National Accounting and Finance Organization

Because of the time-sensitive nature of the project, the procurement process was lightning-fast. The client purchased Blueprint and was onboarded by Blueprint’s Customer Experience team in less than a week while receiving expert insight on strategically attacking the migration to realize all their goals.

Blueprint’s enablement team immediately delivered hands-on workshops to get the client’s developers enabled and up to speed using Blueprint. They were also available throughout the project, jumping in to answer any questions that came up—a critical necessity considering the client’s strict security and compliance requirements.

The result was the creation of an achievable path to success that would lead to the client completing their migration to Microsoft which was their only option since they didn’t have any room in their operating budget for the hefty licensing fees from their legacy RPA provider.


Using Blueprint and with the dedicated help of Blueprint’s Customer Experience team, the client could complete their migration to Microsoft Power Automate on time with just their internal IT team.

After a swift onboarding process, the client imported their 21 bots into Blueprint for a thorough analysis and to plan their migration strategically. Visualizing how much of their estate had been automatically converted to Microsoft Power Automate, the client could see how much effort was needed to complete their converted automations in Power Automate to make them production-ready, and how long that would take. 

The limited effort needed in Power Automate was further simplified with Blueprint’s comments and to-dos that guided developers on what needed their attention, accelerating the development work for the migration even more. It also enabled them to prioritize their processes for migration to eliminate surprises and delays.

The client could migrate all 21 bots in 3 weeks-time, avoiding additional and expensive licensing fees they would have had to pay to their legacy provider, had they completed the migration manually.

The time they saved by using Blueprint’s RPA Migration solution also led to cost-savings for the client. Instead of relying on the total effort of full-time employees over the course of six months, they only needed them for three weeks with the help of Blueprint, slashing original estimates for the total cost of migration.

Preliminary results from adopting Microsoft Power Platform have indicated a reduction of 40% of their usual expenses for automation, month over month.

“It’s really simple—by using Blueprint we were able to save both time and money for our migration to Microsoft Power Automate. We saved resources by avoiding additional fees from having to renew our expensive licenses while we migrated manually. We also cut our migration time significantly by avoiding a manual switch altogether with Blueprint’s automated conversion of bots for Microsoft. The project and interaction was a resounding success, and we’re thrilled that it’s only the beginning of our relationship.”

- Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure and Security, Multi-National Accounting and Finance Organization

Due to the simplicity of the Microsoft Power Platform, they’re now targeting scale and enabling business users to deliver automations using Microsoft Copilot to increase their application of automation. They are also investigating taking automation beyond RPA to the rest of the Power Platform to improve the promising returns they’ve realized with Microsoft.

Moving forward, the client plans to use Blueprint as their centralized automation headquarters to document their automations and continuously assess them for optimization opportunities, security checks, and quality assurance. They have also agreed to be early adopters of a new solution that Blueprint is developing that will improve automation compliance, security, quality, documentation, and governance, which will be key as their estate continues to evolve, grow, and become more sophisticated.

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