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Fortune 1000 Insurance Provider Automates 30% Faster, Transforming their Customer Experience

Company Profile

Industry: Insurance 

Employees: 4,000+

Annual Revenue: $5 Billion 

Customer Since: 2018


"We've been able to accomplish more and, as a result, deliver more value to our customers faster than ever before - what used to take us 1 day, now takes us a few hours."

- Process Optimization Director, Fortune 1000 Insurance Provider

Benefits Achieved

0 % Time savings on process design and modeling
0 % Time savings on RPA development
0 % Reduction in documentation overhead

The Challenge

This American insurance provider supports its nearly 4 million customers with health insurance, life insurance, and various retirement solutions. The institution relied on over 15,000 workflows, which required staff to spend countless hours performing "swivel chair" tasks that took a full working day to complete on average and were repetitive, manual, and prone to error.

"Being a large insurance provider, we knew we had to move faster - especially if we wanted to keep up with competitors who had already begun their automation journeys. We selected Blueprint because the Enterprise Automation Suite gave us the necessary visibility and granularity into our processes, allowing us to speed-up our automation efforts and execute accurately."

- Chief Information Officer, Fortune 1000 Insurance Provider

The Solution 

The company leveraged Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite to ingest an initial 100 of their 15,000 workflows. Using Blueprint’s Process Modeler, they were able to collaboratively optimize and align on those processes, connect them to other dependencies, and package them into Digital Blueprints. Those Digital Blueprints were then automatically pushed into their RPA platform to accelerate and guide precise bot development for automation.

The Results 

By leveraging the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite and its numerous integrations with both process mining/discovery tools and RPA platforms, the leading insurance provider was able to decrease RPA development time by 30% and model and optimize processes 50% faster for automation. This greatly contributed to meet their organizational objectives for increasing operational efficiency by scaling automation and moving away from legacy systems.

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