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PT Astra International

PT Astra is focused on improving the quality of life for people in Indonesia through their products and services. Since implementing Blueprint, they have significantly improved product release times, development velocity, and ability to achieve business plans.

Company Profile

An Indonesian-based automotive manufacturer, PT Astra is comprised of five business divisions: Automotive, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment & Mining, Agribusiness, and Information Technology.

Industry: Automotive
Employees: 200,000
Annual Revenue: $15 Billion
Customer Since: 2018

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"Since implementing Blueprint our development lifecycle has been significantly shortened, allowing us to work more efficiently in shorter release cycles."
- Senior Solution Manager | PT Astra International
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

Since Blueprint was introduced, PT Astra now has a single central repository and a complete understanding of business flows in all areas. Their development and QA teams are now more engaged in the requirements process and are always working with the current information maintained by the repository.

Increased Release Cycle Time
Since Blueprint was implemented, PT Astra has increased their cycle release time as well as the number of releases on time/budget by 31-40%. Blueprint helps maintain business alignment with the project requirements needed.
Common Visual Understanding
Blueprint has demonstrated how screen mockups can be presented for use cases, providing all team members with a common visual understanding of how the application under development will support processes and fulfill objectives. This is great for project management.
Increased Development Velocity
Since Blueprint was implemented, PT’s teams experienced increased alignment between the business and project leading to increased development velocity of 21-30%. By presenting a comprehensive requirements package to business sponsors, not only was the process streamlined but more confidence was instilled.

Challenges Faced

Before Blueprint was implemented, PT Astra faced numerous challenges related to their overall projects. They required a tool that would help them solve these issues, enhance overall project success, and create a more efficient environment for future projects.

Release Cost & Cycle Time
Before Blueprint, their teams experienced many project delays which inevitably led to longer release times and increased costs.
Development Velocity
The progress of their projects were hindered due to low collaboration within their teams using their existing tools, leading to lots of unnecessary rework.
Business & Market Alignment
With the slow capabilities of their older tools, it was harder for them to adapt to changes in the market. This unfortunately led to some missed targets and opportunities.

Blueprint Key Features

In order to choose the right vendor for their needs, PT Astra organized a set of criteria for their required solution. After their careful evaluation process Blueprint was selected for the widespread set of capabilities it offered.

Visual Process & Solution Models
This made it easier for their teams to get a clear understanding and idea of the overall objectives of each project.
Reviews & Approvals
They were able to easily streamline this process which drastically reduced the feedback loop.
Automatic Generation
They were able to reduce the amount of time needed for manual tasks by automating use cases, tests, and user stories.
Reuse Capabilities
The ability to reuse requirements, regulations, and artifacts simplified development cycles for future projects.
Traceability & Impact Analysis
This gave them a clear view of where different processes fit in and what might be affected by any changes being considered.

Sample Headline

"Blueprint has enabled us to do far more than we could before in our legacy systems. We are able to collaborate within the tool, and ensure all stakeholders are aligned on business-IT goals."

Senior Solution Manager | PT Astra International

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