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Leading Health IT Provider Leverages Automation to Bring New Clients Online 50% Faster and Reduce Rework by 3x

Company Profile

Industry: Healthcare, Information Technology

Employees: 30,000+

Annual Revenue: $6 Billion 

Customer Since: 2018


"Blueprint has enabled us to complete tasks faster, more reliably, and with fewer errors. We now have a central location to store validated data, making it easier to innovate and provide a better experience to our customers."

- Systems Engineer, Leading Supplier of HIT

Benefits Achieved

0 x Less rework and bot outages
0 % Time savings on RPA development
0 % Time savings on process design and modeling

The Challenge

As a supplier of health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices, and hardware, this HIT provider is responsible for setting up electronic medical records for health care providers. To do this, teams would have to manually parse through a number of different applications and spreadsheets that are set up in different formats, and can even be on paper, making it error-prone, which leads to costly rework. Getting clients online was also inefficient, taking an average of 20 business days to get one client online.

"We deal with a lot of data - every patient probably has hundreds of interactions in their file. So reconciling this data, on our own, was a really huge task. With Blueprint, we've been able to gain end-to-end visibility and automate these processes more efficiently."

- Systems Engineer, Leading Supplier of HIT

The Solution 

In this RPA case study, the healthcare IT provider leveraged Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite in a pilot project to access critical information from Excel and test backlogs that were previously entirely inaccessible, giving them a complete current-state picture of their manual processes. Using the Process Modeler, they were then able to decompose those discovered processes and identify hundreds of RPA opportunities that they are automating to scale their RPA initiatives and get clients online in half the time without any errors.

The Results 

By leveraging Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite, the HIT supplier is now able to get clients online in 10 business days because of the automations they have been able to scale with Blueprint. Rework from their onboarding functions has also seen a 3x decrease, reducing expensive operational costs and improving process quality to keep their customers and employees more engaged and happy.

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