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Leading Health IT Provider Leverages Automation to Bring New Clients Online

This leading supplier of health information technology solutions is committed making healthcare safer and more efficient. They needed a solution that would promote the migration of medical data into a common online application.

Increasing developer activity, accelerating the delivery of products, and protecting the
safety of patient information

Company Profile

This customer is a supplier of health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices, and hardware. Its products have been used in more than 28,000 facilities worldwide and has over 30,000 employees. The company is determined to make the healthcare industry safer and more efficient. The technology they create helps make clinical decisions and reduce medical errors.

Industry: Healthcare, Information Technology

Employees: 30,000+

Annual Revenue: $6 Billion 

Customer Since: 2018


"Blueprint has enabled us to complete tasks faster, more reliably, and with fewer errors. We now have a central location to store validated data, making it easier to innovate and provide a better experience to our customers."

- Systems Engineer, Leading Supplier of HIT

Benefits Achieved

0 % Increased developer productivity
0 /7 Operations of key business functions
0 million Successfully extracted health information records

The Challenge

The HIT provider is responsible for setting up electronic medical records for health care providers. To do this, teams would have to manually parse through a number of different applications and spreadsheets that are set up in different formats, and can even be on paper. These manual processes were incredibly repetitive, tedious, and highly prone to error. In addition, their manual efforts slowed down their ability to get clients online. As a result, they began their automation journey. 

They understood that in order to effectively scale their automation practice. They needed a tool that can easily extract data from legacy software and documents from Excel, decompose that data into easy-to-understand models, that can be optimized for automation. 

"We deal with a lot of data - every patient probably has hundreds of interactions in their file. So reconciling this data, on our own, was a really huge task. With Blueprint, we've been able to gain end-to-end visibility and automate these processes more efficiently."

- Systems Engineer, Leading Supplier of HIT

The Solution 

The HIT supplier decided to work with Blueprint because it would best meet their needs to scale automation and deliver excellent customer service. The Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite gave them all the tools necessary to gain critical end-to-end visibility into business processes so that they can be modeled effectively. They were able to access critical information from Excel and test backlogs that were previously entirely inaccessible to them. This enabled them to understand the "current-state" picture of their processes. Without this, they would not have had the information to not only scale their automation efforts but also optimize them.

Key aspects of the Enterprise Automation Suite that drove automation success:

  • BlueDocs Document Importer - During the discover phase, the HIT supplier used the document importer to digitize information from documents that are stored in a PDF format, in a Word doc, or an Excel spreadsheet, into a collaborative platform that enabled the automation team to gain a complete "current-state" understanding of which documents are used day-to-day and should be accounted for when modeling the bot
  • Test Script Mining - The HIT supplier was bound to critical processes in legacy systems. The engineering team leveraged this capability to extract information, model the process, and fill in the gaps on any missing pieces.
  • Centralized Repository - A single, unified source of truth for all stakeholders across the enterprise. The engineering team leveraged this to improve efficiency, enforce standards that teams had to follow, and enabled reuse. 
  • Business Process Modeler - The engineering team was able to capture, connect, design, and optimize business processes to be aligned with organizational strategy and automation objectives.

The Results 

By leveraging Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite, the HIT supplier was able to increase developer productivity, and accelerate the delivery of products. Developers were able to allocate their time savings to tasks that brought greater value to the organization, like providing greater service for customers. They were able to scale their automation efforts beyond the pilot team, and continue to reap the benefits of optimized and scale RPA. 

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