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Global Health Insurance organization scales use of RPA to respond to the increased volume of claims due to COVID-19 and reduces errors by 90%

Company Profile

Industry: Health Insurance

Employees: 51,000

Annual Revenue: $64 Billion 

Customer Since: 2018


"We've been able to reduce errors by 90%, ultimately helping us deliver our bots faster and support our customers better than we could've before."

- Director of Business Process Automation Delivery

Benefits Achieved

0 % Time savings on RPA development
0 % Reduction in documentation overhead
0 % Lower bot maintenance costs

The Challenge

This global health insurance company, which offers a variety of products and services, has leveraged robotic process automation (RPA) within certain aspects of their business. However, their claims process was labor-intensive and inefficient. In the wake of COVID-19, the team responsible for processing claims became overwhelmed as they could not keep up with the sudden and significant increase in the volume of submissions, leading to a 2x increase in errors during processing and frustrated customers that was increasing the risk of churn.  

"Responding to the increase of claims in the wake of COVID-19 was just something we weren't prepared for. We needed a robust tool that could seamlessly connect business outcomes to business processes so we can ensure we're not only meeting the growing demands of our customers but also our needs as a business - Blueprint is that for us."

- Director of Business Process Automation Delivery

The Solution 

In this RPA case study for global health insurance, Blueprint worked closely with the customer to get them out of Word documents and Excel files, and had them work directly in Blueprint’s centralized repository. Using Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite, they were able to model their end-to-end process for processing claims. In Blueprint’s Business Process Modeler they performed their process decomposition to identify what could and should be automated to increase the speed and quality for their claims processing. With Digital Blueprints they were able to automate 30% quicker with a 90% reduction in errors.

The Results 

By leveraging Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite, the customer was able to accelerate RPA development by 30%, allowing them to automate portions of their claims process when they needed it most. Using Blueprint’s centralized repository to build their Digital Blueprints reduced their documentation efforts by 75%, but also decreased bot maintenance costs by 30% due to the rich contextual information and clear guidance that was provided to developers in Digital Blueprints.

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