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Large Global Telecom Provider reduces the cost and effort of RPA platform migration by 75% using Blueprint's RPA Migration Assistant

By rapidly migrating over 15,000 RPA bots from Automation Anywhere onto Microsoft Power Automate, they aim to accelerate their hyperautomation program and drive greater connectivity & innovation to clients.

Benefits Achieved

0 K+ Taskbots to be migrated from Automation Anywhere to Microsoft Power Automate
0 % of process flow actions migrated to Power Automate with no human touchpoints
0 % Time and cost savings compared to manual migration

Company Profile

Industry: Telecommunications

Employees: 230,000+

Annual Revenue: $170 Billion 

Customer Since: 2021


"Blueprint is migrating virtually all of the Excel commands and about 70% of the web commands requiring no adjustments"

- Automation Engineer, Telecom CoE

The Challenge

This customer is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States. To drive their digital transformation forward, they implemented RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and rapidly automated many business tasks to realize the increased efficiency, quality, and cost savings automation delivers.

With thousands of automated processes already in their portfolio of bots, the customer was dissatisfied with the RPA vendor they initially chose to implement automation. Underwhelming ROI, the high degree of technical skill needed to navigate the platform, and the sub-optimal quality of automations that kept experiencing break-fix cycles, forced them to consider other options in the market.

Microsoft Power Automate surfaced as the clear and ideal alternative that could address all their challenges. Microsoft offered a more intuitive and accessible user experience, extensibility across all of Microsoft’s suite of products that could be leveraged for automation at scale and was a much more cost-effective option. However, because all RPA platforms specify the details of process automations differently, switching to Microsoft Power Automate meant that they had to rebuild each of their thousands of bots from scratch, a prospect so time-consuming and expensive that it was difficult to justify.

This customer needed a solution that could dramatically accelerate and reduce the costs of the migration process to enable them to switch their automation ecosystem to Microsoft and leverage all the benefits Power Automate had to offer.


To execute their large-scale migration, this leading American telecom provider enlisted the help of Blueprint. Blueprint boasts the only RPA platform migration solution available that accelerates migrations by 3x and reduces costs by 75%. In one of the largest RPA platform migrations ever, Blueprint ingested over 15,000 existing bots and automatically converted them into Digital Blueprints. Once in Blueprint, those automated processes could be further optimized and connected to overlooked dependencies, creating a digital twin that evolves as the automation evolves.

Due to Blueprint’s Common Object Model (COM), those automated processes were then automatically synced with Microsoft Power Automate with only fit and finish actions required, positioning them for even greater scale and ROI that the Microsoft Power Platform offers.

Blueprint’s COM is an extensive library of commands, services, and parameters and is the underlying technology that automatically maps bot components from one RPA platform to another, vastly reducing the effort and time needed to migrate entire portfolios of automated processes. 


Using Blueprint and their RPA platform migration solution, this large American telecom provider is migrating over 15,000 bots, where 70% of the automated processes – such as Excel and web commands – require no adjustments and can be mapped directly into Microsoft Power Automate.

With Blueprint, this leading American telecom company has been able to migrate its digital workforce into Microsoft Power Automate 75% faster and at a vastly reduced cost. What would have taken them years and millions of dollars to accomplish, they have been able to achieve in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of what they were originally expecting to invest.

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