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Top Automobile Manufacturer

The world’s top automotive and mobility company was finding it difficult to deliver large and complex IT initiatives, as it lacked intuitive project management tools. The company spent a lot of time and investment to identify and procure the right requirements management tool to enable its teams to develop and deliver high-quality software.

Company Profile

The company is a leading automaker engaging in the designing, manufacturing, and selling of cars and commercial vehicles globally. The auto manufacturer was finding it difficult to deliver large and complex IT initiatives, as it lacked ideal automotive requirements management tools. The company spent a lot of time and investment to identify and procure the right tool to enable its teams to develop and deliver high-quality software quickly.

Industry: Automotive
Employees: 201,000
Annual Revenue: $158 Billion
Customer Since: 2015


"Since the integration of Blueprint into our company toolchain, it has become clear that our teams are able to do far more than they could with just HP ALM and Rally."
- Senior Solution Manager | Top Automobile Manufacturer
Blueprint Selection Process

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

The top automobile manufacturer initially began piloting Blueprint with a segmented audience. After witnessing positive results, the manufacturer rolled out Blueprint’s solution across the organization. Approximately 600+ users are currently utilizing the tool. Here are some of the key benefits the auto manufacturer has realized:

Improved Alignment Between Business & IT
Increased use of visualization helped business partners who aren’t familiar with use cases to better understand and provide feedback on requirements management. Simulations have been beneficial for sharing a vision and improving collaboration. The team uses these capabilities in real-time with business stakeholders, which helps them fully engage and feel a sense of ownership.
Faster Delivery
Use cases are essential requirements artifact at this company. Blueprint has enabled the company to accelerate its use case delivery and improve its quality and completeness. With Blueprint, the company estimates that it has diminished the time and effort required to create use cases by up to 50%. Additionally, this helps their teams, scope projects quickly and collaboratively to obtain more accurately estimated levels of effort required for delivery.
Greater Visibility and Improved Insights
Business analysts spend more time collaborating and analyzing the business to improve the solution quality. Further, the ability to track requirement change enables greater visibility and provides insight into opportunities for improvement, which helped the company maximize the value of their business resources.

Challenges Faced

Our customer was spending a considerable amount of time, effort, and investments in managing software requirements. Further, its team was struggling to deliver high-quality software:

Lacked Collaboration Capabilities
The application development team is responsible for developing technical solutions that align with the business requirements. Without an automotive requirements management tool, the customer’s team was struggling to coordinate between themselves. Business analysts had a huge responsibility of consolidating information and then relaying it back to their teams. Further, the process was manual in nature and error-prone.
Requirement Management Capabilities
Without a feature-rich automotive requirements management tool to use during review sessions, teams were manually capturing the feedback. Further, they were left to interpret and update the requirements documentation post-review. Not only is the process time consuming and leads to potential errors, valuable stakeholder feedback is often missed or misinterpreted, further hindering the goal of capturing high-quality requirements.
Holistic View
The company was struggling to gain complete insights on traceability and analysis, leading to requirements defects. Business analysts were not able to view requirements from multiple perspectives – a practice that helps with mitigating gaps in coverage and quality.

Blueprint Key Features

The top automobile manufacturer was looking for a modern requirements management tool that would deliver faster business value through improved requirements, simulation, and test management. After a thorough evaluation process, the company selected Blueprint for the following reasons:

Shared Enterprise-grade Requirements Repository
With a shared, centralized repository of requirements information, teams can directly update requirements and related artifacts relatively quickly in the tool. This provision is particularly useful for capturing feedback during review sessions, where the stakeholders can immediately mitigate misinterpretations. Blueprint’s shared repository allows requirements to be reused to accelerate delivery and improve quality.
Auto Generation of Tests
Blueprint automatically enables teams to generate tests from use cases. This unique feature helps organizations to recognize gaps so that they can address issues early. This feature also helps the teams to create integration tests, while defining expected behaviour, a valuable, time-saving feature.
Detailed Traceability
Blueprint’s comprehensive traceability feature enables users to link complex use cases and user stories together. To understand context, the team can associate business rules to simulations. They can trace artifacts from other tools, such as Rally and HP ALM, back to requirements within Blueprint. The end-to-end traceability feature helps teams to assess and manage the impacts of change, which further aids in achieving, maintaining, and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

“The average project delivered using Blueprint products is much more aligned to our business and market needs. Blueprint products help link business requirements to story creation.”

Senior Solution Manager | Top Automobile Manufacturer

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