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We are committed to helping enterprise organizations reach their goals, regardless of where they are in their digital transformation. It is not just about using innovative technology, it’s about helping organizations deliver a next-gen experience to their customers and employees.
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Across numerous industries, the world's largest organizations have chosen Blueprint to help them digitally transform their business and deliver innovative solutions at a vastly reduced cost and exposure to risk.

Banking & Financial Services

Around the world, financial services industry executives face many similar challenges. Chief among these is their struggle to keep pace with myriad changes coming at them from all directions: in particular, new technologies, new market players, and shifting customer demand.

Many firms have turned to Blueprint to support the optimization and automation of their business processes, continuous delivery of new products, and the modernization of legacy systems. As they progress through their digital transformation, keeping Business, IT, and Compliance teams aligned has been essential to their continued success.

citi bank 200 x200 Ally 200x00

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

No one can dispute technology’s ability to enable us all to live longer, healthier lives. From surgical robots to “smart hospitals,” the digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care in new and exciting ways.

Blueprint customers within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are leveraging our platform to not only innovate around the types of solutions they offer as well as how their customers access care, but also to ensure that any manufactured products are safe and fit for use, meeting strict quality standards throughout the entire process of production.

Celgene GSK


Dramatic changes are reshaping the insurance industry, and forward-looking insurers aren’t just watching it happen. They are taking action and making investments that will help them become more customer-centric, improve their pricing and create operational efficiencies.

Many organizations have used Blueprint to make this process easier and streamline innovation by establishing a permanent system of record for all information, automating tedious manual processes, and modernizing outdated legacy systems.

MetLife Prudential Blue Cross Blue Shield


The automotive industry has learned quickly that they must meet consumer demands for a digitally enhanced experience when they are researching, purchasing and operating a car. 

Many automotive companies have adopted Blueprint as their go-to tool for digital transformation - improving business processes through enterprise-wide automation, speeding up development, and delivering innovative solutions within all areas of their customers' journey.

Ford Pt Astra

Hospitality & Tourism

Customers no longer stand in lines and queues to book flight tickets, hotels, or even make dinner reservations. It is all done with a few clicks of the button in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The most successful companies in the hospitality and tourism space are leveraging Blueprint to create convenient, frictionless, cross-channel experiences for their customers and take advantage of rich data on customer and employee preferences and habits.

Marriott Vacation Club Wyndham Intercontinental

Energy & Utilities

Today’s energy and utility companies are facing unprecedented levels of disruption across the energy value chain as a result of the digital era.

These changes are creating entirely new marketplaces, new ecosystems, and new opportunities for nimble companies to establish sustainable business models and innovative strategies of producing and delivering energy, and many are leveraging Blueprint to do so. 

Ameren 200x200 edf


The global telecoms industry landscape is changing faster than ever. Today, the sector is vulnerable to shifts in technology cycles, competitor actions, and customer needs. 

Many telecommunication companies have turned to Blueprint to support the continuous delivery of new products and the modernization of legacy systems. As they progress in their digital transformation, keeping Business, IT, and Compliance teams aligned has been essential to their continued success.

Vodafone C-Spire


With the move toward digital transformation, many business decision-makers look to software vendors to help facilitate the transformation process. But these vendors also need to undergo their own digital transformations. And that’s a challenge that requires a strategic plan.

By leveraging Blueprint's technology, customers are able to strategically align high-level business strategy and compliance obligations with robotic process automation and agile IT work. This results in faster, high-value product delivery at reduced cost and risk. 

IT Synergistics inmarsat Elekta
Deliver more ‘Wow’ by working better, together
We are committed to helping our customers align and optimize their organizations so they can deliver exceptional products, services and experiences to their customers, regardless of where they stand in their digital transformation.

Empower business innovation through aligned teams

94% of customers say Blueprint has improved the alignment of release planning and delivery across teams and departments.

Deliver more customer value, faster

2 out of 3 customers report that Blueprint has helped them accelerate the delivery of high-value releases that achieve the defined business goal.

Find your zen within compliance

65% of customers report that Blueprint has improved their ease and ability to manage compliance.