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Automation Export

Eliminate RPA vendor lock-in. Export process automations into any
RPA platform for higher-quality, accelerated automation delivery.

Leverage the only solution that actually unlocks the entire automation market. Convert your automated processes into Digital Blueprints and feed them into any RPA platform for higher-quality and accelerated development. Scale automation according to potential value delivery and maintain a continuous, holistic view of your entire automation estate to exponentially increase your returns.

Export process automations to any RPA tool and eliminate vendor lock-in

Blueprint is RPA platform-agnostic. When you convert your processes into Digital Blueprints, they are compatible with and can be exported into any RPA tool, unlocking the entire automation market so you can maximize value from any vendor you choose.

Feed process automations into RPA tools iteratively to prioritize by speed & value

Digital Blueprints map your processes into a common model compatible with all automation tools. See which processes can be deployed the quickest based on what's already been mapped so you can deliver automations iteratively according to speed and ease of implementation.

Provide added context to developers for accelerated and higher-quality development

When you export Digital Blueprints into any destination RPA tool, all context including the process model, dependencies, images, and attachments can be accessed by RPA developers in Blueprint, facilitating higher-quality and faster development.

Maintain a digital twin of your automations in Blueprint for continuous improvement

After syncing a Digital Blueprint with your destination RPA tool, a digital twin of that automated process resides in Blueprint. These digital twins act as a permanent record enabling continuous visibility, governance, and improvement for all your automated processes.

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