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The Blueprint Suite

Leverage features that reduce costs and improve your RPA estate.
Gain insight into your automations, migrate your RPA estate in an automated way,
and centralize your automation portfolio for total control and visibility.

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The Benefits of The Blueprint Suite

Blueprint delivers the capabilities and features you need to reduce your total cost of ownership for automation by migrating your RPA
estate to a new intelligent automation platform with an automated solution, while improving it along the way.

Consolidate and assess all your process automations in Blueprint, analyze your current state,
and optimize it according to the continuous automation improvement strategy that fulfills your business objectives.

blueprint improvement strategy

Features in The Blueprint Platform

RPA Insights: Dashboards & Analytics

Blueprint accesses the data and insights that enable you to better understand your RPA estate, improve it, cut costs, and easily migrate to a new automation platform in an automated way.
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RPA Data Transfer

Ingest and centralize your RPA estate in one solution. Optimize your automations and export them to the leading RPA platforms for accelerated migration, better development, and improved efficiency.
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Process Design

Seamlessly capture, design, and optimize processes in Blueprint's intuitive and robust design canvas. Execute the best automation improvement strategy with speed and ease.
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Process & Governance Hub

Create a single source of truth for your RPA estate in one secure and scalable solution. Empower your automation practice with total visibility and collaboration for better control, standardization, and governance.
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Integrate Blueprint with the leading RPA platforms, process & task mining tools, test suites, and ALM solutions to extend functionality, accelerate development, and improve delivery.
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If you're ready to improve your RPA estate and reduce costs, we're here to help.

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What our Customers are Saying

"Blueprint helped us re-platform our automated processes for 80% less time and cost than it would have taken if we'd leveraged outside services. Their ability to analyze the value of our processes so that we avoid low-value work, and then convert processes into any RPA format we need, can best be described in one word...magical."
Large Global Telecom Provider
Automation Engineer, Telecom CoE
"The migration itself was quick and seamless. Blueprint’s ability to ingest our automations from our legacy RPA tool and automatically convert around 95% of each automation into Power Automate really accelerated and simplified the process beyond anything we expected. Their RPA Estate Scan and RPA Migration Solution are really what enabled us to realize the benefits and cost savings we projected that first convinced us to move to Power Automate, making the whole project an overwhelming success."
Major Oil and Gas Technology Provider
Digital Enablement Manager, Major Oil & Gas Technology Provider