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Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics

Automation efforts are spread out across multiple platforms and systems that can limit visibility.

Blueprint Dashboards & Analytics acts as the hub for your RPA community, consolidating process, RPA migration, and automation reporting from across multiple RPA platforms for unparalleled control and transparency.

Monitor the Impact of Your Automated Processes

RPA programs struggle with obtaining clear insight on their performance because automation operations are spread out across different platforms.

Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics is a tool for gaining clear, centralized, executive-level visibility into the health of your automated processes and RPA migration efforts.

As part of the Enterprise Automation Suite, a set of dynamic and responsive dashboards allow you to measure how your automation efforts are contributing to overall business objectives like reductions in operational overhead, cost, and ROI. When migrating bots between RPA platforms, our reporting capabilities provide a comprehensive assessment of the complexity, quality, and compatibility percentage with your target RPA tool to simplify and accelerate migration. 

These dashboards also provide actionable insight with the ability to localize issues in your processes and take the corrective action necessary to de-risk added costs and rework downstream.

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RPA Migration Analysis

Review and Analyze Your Bots Before Migration

Blueprint's Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics delivers a detailed assessment of the overall complexity and quality of your bots when you import them into our platform. You also gain the percentage of the processes that can be automatically converted into your target RPA platform without any re-coding, enabling you to prioritize the work to be done based on ease of migration, speed, and value delivery.

Full Enterprise-Level Visibility

Gain Transparency Across Your Entire Portfolio of Business Processes

Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics are not restricted to a single process improvement or automation project—the tool can be applied across the entire portfolio of business processes in your organization. Data for all process optimization and automation projects are made available for analysis and display in one easy platform, where it can be correlated to determine cross-project trends and patterns.

Success Definition

Define Your Critical KPIs and Quantify Your Success

Define your critical KPIs and milestones and measure them against dynamic dashboards and real-time data. Quantify the money and resources saved by your optimized and automated business processes and instantly share metrics and dashboards with other stakeholders.

BI Toolsets

Leverage Your Existing Business Intelligence Tools

All project data held within Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics is made available to popular Business Intelligence (BI) toolsets via an OData interface platform. The output of this data from Blueprint is on a configurable timed basis. From this data source, the BI toolset can read Blueprint data, perform analysis, and display using all the capabilities of the BI toolset.

Process Improvement, Automation, and RPA Migration with Tangible, Reportable Data

Business process optimization and automation stakeholders need to be able to prove to their executives and program sponsors how they’re contributing to their overall business objectives like reductions in operational overhead, cost, and ROI. Easily measure return of value and gain the actionable insight to continually deliver on your business objectives with Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptability

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptability

Build tailored operational dashboards that unite real-time data with business process and automation management. Continuously monitor and act on individual cases, but also see overall process health, visually represented through a traffic light system.


Optimize Process Improvement and Automation Efforts

So much valuable, predictive information is held captive at the business process definition and optimization stages of a process improvement and automation project. Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics unlocks this information, making it available to all Business and IT stakeholders to optimize process improvements and automation initiatives from the get-go.


Drive Continuous Business Process Improvement

Blueprint Enterprise Dashboards & Analytics provides a stable foundation to drive effective improvements across the business processes you are optimizing and automating. Discover the root cause of business process-related issues to empower meaningful change and better manage your business.

What our Customers are Saying
The dashboard and analytics capabilities of Blueprint has helped our team visually understand what stage in development we are in and improve our collaboration.
Large Financial Services Company
Release Manager
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation

Gain the Visibility Needed to Drive Effective Business Transformation

Talk to one of our experts and see how you can customize your dynamic and responsive dashboards to measure how your business process improvement and automation efforts are contributing to overall business objectives.

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