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RPA Re-Platforming

Migrate automated processes from limiting legacy environments and re-platform onto efficient, modern technologies for higher returns and scale.

Automation Re-platforming with Blueprint

Organizations that want to redeploy existing automations in a new RPA platform often undergo costly efforts that involve manually mapping and re-coding the legacy automations from scratch in the new RPA tool.

Blueprint simplifies the re-platforming of your automated processes. Safely & securely migrate automated processes to new automation platforms at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to manually re-code the processes, while analyzing your automation estate in the process and optimizing existing automations or retiring the ones no longer delivering sufficient business value to increase returns and reduce operating costs.


Consolidate details about your current automation estate into one central tool

Easily ingest existing automated processes from any of the leading RPA tools into Blueprint to gain a holistic, consolidated view of your entire automation estate and understand what you have, end-to-end.

Analyze and understand your entire automation ecosystem

Analyze your automated processes using Blueprint's intelligent dashboards. Discover critical details about your processes such as process volume, complexity, utilization, run-time, maintenance costs, mappability to your target RPA platform, and more.

Plan and prioritize work to re-platform automations quickly and iteratively

Identify automations that can can be retired due to high cost or low value delivery, as well as ones that should be optimized prior to re-deployment. Blueprint also shows you exactly how much of your automated processes are directly mappable into your destination RPA tool without recoding. This enables you to scope and prioritize the switch according to available resources, business needs, and speed to value.

Significantly reduce the time, cost and effort of re-platforming

Once your project is planned, Blueprint does the majority of the work for you. Processes selected for export will be automatically converted into a format compatible with your destination platform and synced directly into your target RPA development environment. From there, low-cost resources can follow guidance to finalize automations and make them runnable.

Continuously govern and optimize your automated processes

Every automated process is maintained and represented visually as a Digital Blueprint that can be continuously monitored for quality, utilization, and business value delivered for cost. This enables you to maintain governance over process improvement initiatives and visibility into the effectiveness of your automation estate as you move forward.

Looking to redeploy some or all of your automations to new RPA tools?

Speak with one of our experts to learn how Blueprint will reduce the time, cost and effort needed to replatform your automated processes.

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Automation Re-platforming Demos

Blueprint can currently re-platform automated processes from Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism instances over to UiPath or Microsoft Power Automate.


AA to Power Automate

Automation Anywhere to Power Automate

AA to UiPath

Automation Anywhere to UiPath

BP to Power Automate

Blue Prism to Power Automate

BP to UiPath

Blue Prism to UiPath