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Enterprise Agile Planning

Scale agile across the enterprise to maximize value delivery, achieve faster time to market, and foster innovation.
Maximize Value Delivery
Drive cross-functional collaboration and alignment to protect the business value of products from definition to delivery.
Accelerate your Time to Market
Plan, manage and deliver successful product releases more than 44% faster.
Ensure Quality and Compliance
Reduce defects, requirement misinterpretations, and rework by at least 37% by using Storyteller.

Scale Agile Across the Enterprise and Transform your Business

Software development teams have already proven that implementing agile frameworks lets them deliver solutions to customers faster, with greater predictability, and gives them the ability to react quickly based on changes in the market place. 

Today, companies need to be able to adapt, at enterprise scale, to stay competitive. Organizations seek ways to achieve greater agility across the enterprise, faster time to market, and the ability to foster innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

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From idea to delivery: visualize the entire lifecycle of a new product

You need a clear vision and a proven, unified approach to deliver a successful software product that provides value to both the business and the customer. Use the Business Process Modeler to facilitate Enterprise Agile Planning and visualize customer journeys, define product requirements, value streams, and process flows to ensure all needs are captured, defined, traceable, actionable, and aligned to business objectives.

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Empower teams to innovate, adapt, and deliver value faster

By promoting collaboration and removing silos, teams will be able to respond faster to customers' evolving needs, manage cross-departmental dependencies efficiently, and focus on achieving the right business objectives. Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite aligns business and IT stakeholders in one centralized tool, keeping everyone on the same page and speaking the same language. 

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Ensure compliance without compromising innovation and delivery speed

The pace, complexity and impact of regulatory change is affecting every business, but one thing remains constant - the need to proactively manage risk and ensure compliance. Blueprint simplifies the regulatory landscape for you by automatically sourcing change and tracing its impact to business rules, policies, procedures, so your teams can focus on speed, innovation, and value. 

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Connect, measure, and analyze performance for better decision making

Visualize, share, and analyze team performance to identify issues and manage processes to optimize the flow of value. Use Enterprise Reporting & Analytics to measure product effectiveness, remove process bottlenecks, predict future issues, and adapt processes to optimize performance throughout the software delivery lifecycle. 

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Are you ready to drive game-changing business innovation with Enterprise Agile Planning?

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What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint's ability to be a permanent record for what has been or is being delivered is huge for us and, it’s enabling us to make better decisions
Susan Hill, Manager — Business Systems Analysis Competency Center, Global Customer Service Delivery
Blueprint enabled us to accelerate our transformation through cross-functional collaboration and alignment.
Large Insurance Organization
Product Manager
Blueprint was the stand-out solution on the market that had the features we needed to drive the change we wanted.
Bank Central Asia
Senior IT Analyst