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Blueprint for RPA Developers

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite enables RPA developers to build higher-quality robots, faster. With the rich, full enterprise context of Digital Blueprints, you drive precise development, dramatically reducing rework and robot outages.

Drive Precise Robot Development with Blueprint

The RPA Developer is responsible for building the robots that the business identifies as RPA opportunities. Developing bots that are resilient and reliable requires real visibility, alignment, and collaboration. Yet the way development work for automating processes is communicated in most enterprises - normally in the form of a Process Design Document or PDD - is disconnected and prone to misunderstanding, leading to errors, rework, and costly maintenance.   

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite enables the organization to generate Digital Blueprints to drive precise, high-quality robot development. With Blueprint's numerous integrations into the leading RPA tools, developers can always access the detailed context they need - whether it be the process to be automated, individual process steps, regulations, or even attachments for added clarity - to accelerate and enhance their development work. 

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The Blueprint Advantage

0 % Faster Process Design & Bot Development
0 % More Employee Engagement & Collaboration
0 x Less Rework and Bot Outages
0 % Lower Maintenance Costs
0 x ROI in Less than 6 Months

Increase the Speed of Development

The organization is continually trying to increase operational efficiency, so the automation work in the backlog is long and extensive. You're expected to work quickly while thoroughly testing all the bots you build before deployment to ensure they're running as expected. Writing and performing all tests, is a time-consuming task in the best of circumstances. 

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite and Digital Blueprints automatically generate all functional and acceptance test criteria and automatically push them into the RPA tool you use for development and orchestration, saving you, the developer, valuable time while delivering added guidance to the development process.

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Gain Real Collaboration and Alignment

Automating complex and even simple processes demands alignment between the business and IT. To avoid misunderstandings and the rework it might lead to, constant, centralized collaboration is necessary. Doing that with PDDs and disconnected communication tools is inefficient and far from effective. 

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite delivers one central location where business and IT stakeholders can converge to gain efficient and effective alignment. RPA developers can access all the automation context in Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite for the bot they're building directly from their RPA tool. In Blueprint, developers can then add in-line discussions for entire processes, individual process steps, and enterprise constraints like policies and regulations, in one central location to create a single source of truth and facilitate efficient and effective bot development.

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Reduce Rework and Bot Outages

As an RPA developer, you are responsible for building the robot that will execute the process the organization has identified. The way this work is normally communicated to you is in the form of a static PDD which can be cumbersome and quite vague. It leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding which increases the risk of rework downstream. 

Digital Blueprints automatically fed into the RPA tool where you do your work provide you with instant access to the context you need to build higher-quality robots. Access the entire process to be automated, individual process steps, any controls or regulations that need to be accounted for, and any attachments. This ensures that what's developed is exactly what the business needs and won't require bots to be pulled out of production and modified later, saving you time and unnecessary maintenance effort.

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Gain the Visibility and Context You Need for Higher-Quality Bots

You deserve a solution that allows you to develop higher-quality robotic processes, quicker. Talk with one of our experts to learn how you can leverage Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite.

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