IT is challenged to lead the enterprise in scaling agility to drive the digital transformation needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing markets.

Blueprint helps companies automate and scale enterprise agility by bridging the Agile planning gap between business portfolio planning and Agile team execution across the entire organization. Products defined using Blueprint align all stakeholders with IT delivery plans from portfolio to epics to features to user stories and tests at every stage of the DevOps cycle. Enterprises now have the ability to deliver products that are:

  • Completely aligned to business and market needs
  • Compliant with regulations and enterprise standards
  • Supported by business units and functional departments outside IT

With Blueprint, our customers are leading digital transformation in their industries by effectively automating and scaling Agile processes to:

  • Release products to market 50% faster
  • Reduce rework and defects by 30%
  • Increase automation of end to end Agile and DevOps processes
  • Improve business/IT alignment

Source: TechValidate, 2017