Why Storyteller?

Deliver high-value and compliant product releases significantly faster, at vastly reduced cost and exposure to risk.
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Deliver More ‘Wow’
Blueprint users deliver successful and high-quality product releases faster than their competition, allowing them to drive greater value for customers
Work Better, Together
Enterprise-wide alignment allows Blueprint users to easily collaborate to deliver releases according to the planned timeline, scope and budget
Find Your Zen
A reduction in number of defects and regulatory misinterpretations helps Blueprint’s users to breathe easy and focus on innovation

The Blueprint Advantage

0 % Faster Release Delivery
0 % Improvement in ease of compliance management
0 % Less defects and late-stage rework
0 % Improvement in software quality

The Future is Digital

Customer expectations have changed the game. Becoming relevant, and staying relevant, has become increasingly harder for organizations and brands in today's digital-first economy. As the newest rapidly replaces the new, the pressure on the bottom line expands and the need to innovate grows faster, while cycles of discovery and development stay practically unchanged. To stay agile and nimble, you need to evolve (as both a person AND as a business).

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Gartner has named us a Visionary

You need a clear vision and proven, unified approach to accomplish a successful digital transformation. Discover why Gartner has named us as a Visionary on their 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools.

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Alignment is the key to success

We believe all teams have the potential to do amazing things when they're aligned towards a common goal.

Your ability to compete in a digital marketplace and mature your agile processes is critically dependent on seamlessly aligning Business, Development and Compliance teams. To create this alignment, there is a need to shift from paper and spreadsheets to tools that provide collaboration, traceability, and automation.

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Align Stakeholders at all levels


As an executive responsible for delivering the best business outcomes possible, you need to know how your digital initiatives are impacting core business operations. Use Storyteller to achieve complete visibility across different teams and programs to ensure all efforts are aligned to the right outcomes.

  • Leverage executive-level visibility through analytics and dashboards in order to make informed decisions about investments with actionable data

  • Create realistic and predictable plans that delight customers and shareholders

  • Measure work against core objectives and desired business outcomes

  • Keep all teams, programs and investments aligned to a central purpose

  • Reduce development risks with real-time dependency mapping, visualizations, and automated workflows

  • Ensure compliance and reduce the risk of fines, penalties, and reputation damage with detailed mappings of all regulatory information and its relationship to business assets and operational processes

  • Accelerate the modernization of legacy app portfolios

  • Respond faster to competitive threats/risks - capitalize on market opportunities (pivot)

  • Enable digital transformation enterprise-wide


As a team leader, your job is to proactively manage dependencies and risks across teams that take change in stride. In order to keep everyone aligned, you need to have easy visibility and accessibility to team and release data. With Storyteller you can quickly confirm program alignment, elevate detailed technical status to meaningful business-level tracking, ensure compliance with policies/controls/regulations, and track your investments—all in one tool. 

  • Efficiently define, map and collaborate on customer journeys, value streams, and business processes.

  • Manage work across teams, programs and release trains from a single dashboard

  • Work collaboratively with distributed or outsourced teams through a common tool, ensuring alignment and engagement regardless of location

  • Guide and standardize the work of large cross-functional groups through automated workflows

  • Ensure all work aligns to key objectives and desired business outcomes with end-to-end visibility

  • Expose and manage dependencies and risks at-a-glance

  • Reduce errors and rework through the automation of traditionally manual processes

  • Simplify the request, management and tracking of approvals

  • Easily roll up and report out on the data you and your executive team need to see


You’re an agile team member —interfacing with users and customers, writing user stories, and collaborating with testers. And you do all of this while putting the customer first and adhering to your company’s value delivery strategy, while also meeting compliance requirements. With Storyteller you can easily see and understand the desired high-level business outcomes, how the work being done is contributing to them, and how it’s related to other work across the organization, all with the autonomy to get work done in a single workspace.

  • Ensure clarity and alignment by visually defining customer journeys, value streams, and business processes

  • Accelerate delivery by automating manual tasks and removing process bottlenecks

  • Drive innovation by including enterprise stakeholders in the development process

  • Ensure all teams and work activities are aligned to high-level business objectives, and track how work is impacting the business

  • Work collaboratively with distributed or outsourced teams through a common tool, ensuring alignment and engagement regardless of location

  • Eliminate defects & re-work with clearly defined value streams, development tasks, sprints, and other work management activities

  • Reduce the risks of change management with relationship traceability and Impact Analysis

The majority of Blueprint users deliver successful and compliant projects more than 44% faster with Blueprint products.

"Using Blueprint products has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before."
-Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
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The majority of users have decreased the number of defects and regulatory misinterpretations by at least 35% by using Blueprint products.

"Blueprint has been wonderful for improving quality control. Now developers know what has to happen before writing code, rather than struggling their way through it. That makes a big difference."
-Melinda Bryant, Managing Director | IT Synergistics
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More than 50% decrease in defects
30% of customers
31% - 40% decrease in defects
35% of customers
21% - 30% decrease in defects
20% of customers
11% - 20% decrease in defects
15% of customers

The majority of users say Blueprint products have allowed them to deliver at least 80% of their releases according to their planned timeline, scope and budget - without compromising compliance.

"If we hadn’t decided to use Storyteller, then we’d likely still be in the same position we were before – constantly wasting time and money on rework. Now, a year later, our teams are more aligned than ever, and producing products that not only meet the requirements, but also meet our milestones."
-William Floyd, CTO | Lexipol
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The majority of users have rated Blueprint's features as superior or significantly superior when compared with the competition.

"As people start engaging with the system, they get excited to use it. They definitely see it as superior to our old document-based approach."
-Jeff Hallet, Director of Global Process Engineering | Elekta
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Test Case Generation
75% rated Blueprint as superior
Flexible Artifact Type Configuration
80% rated Blueprint as superior
User Story Generation
70% rated Blueprint as superior
Visual Solution Modeling
65% rated Blueprint as superior
Reviews, Approvals & Collaboration
80% rated Blueprint as superior
What Our Customers Are Saying
With Blueprint, our business team's expectations have become closely aligned with IT capabilities. This has virtually eliminated any need for rework, and has made our end-products more consistent.
Large Insurance Company
Product Owner
Blueprint is an end-to-end platform that stores everything in a centralized, versioned, repository improving our cross-team collaboration and delivery time.
Software Developer
Storyteller was the stand-out solution on the market that had the features to drive the change we wanted.
Large Public Bank in Indonesia
Senior IT Analyst