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Blueprint Recognized by Analyst Firm as a Standalone Value Stream Management Solution

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Apr 29, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Blueprint has been acknowledged in the recent Now Tech: Value Stream Management Tools, Q2 2020 report as a midsize, standalone Value Stream Management solution.

TORONTO, Canada – April 29, 2020 – Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of Value Stream Management (VSM) and Intelligent Process Automation solutions, announced today that they have been recognized by Forrester in the recent Now Tech: Value Stream Management Tools, Q2 2020 report as a standalone Value Stream Management solution. The report is designed to help Application Development and Design (AD&D) leaders evaluate VSM vendors in the marketplace, providing an overview of 19 providers based on size and functionality.

According to the report, “Enterprise AD&D leaders are facing constant pressure to deliver more impactful software applications with shorter time-to-market and thus shorter time-to-value. VSM tools, a still-formative and growing category of software tooling, address both concerns with a unified approach.”

Blueprint believes it was included in the report because of its robust capabilities that allow organizations to easily map value streams, discover and design processes to identity waste in software delivery, link and govern all processes and value streams with business goals effortlessly, and the ease at which Blueprint can be integrated with other platforms in an automation or application development toolchain.

Forrester’s report is an overview of vendors in the market, breaking them down into the following three categories:

  • Discreet tools that are not exactly VSM solutions but provide the capabilities to complement a VSM solution.
  • VSM tools that are bundled with DevOps solutions either with standalone or third-party tools to slide into their existing toolchain.
  • Standalone VSM tools that provide all the capabilities that a VSM solution needs.

“In all of our interactions, Value Stream Management is a topic that continues to grow in prominence as large organizations look for ways to accelerate digital transformation. The fact that Forrester has recognized Blueprint as a standalone VSM solution we believe is a clear reflection of the value we deliver to the market for those that want to drive real business value with value stream mapping and also validation for all the hard work the team has put in to building such a robust and sophisticated solution,” explains Blueprint CEO, Dan Shimmerman. “This recognition motivates us to continue to help large enterprises to overcome the challenges of modern business optimization and software development to maximize the business value from the products and services they deliver.”

As the flow of modern business grows increasingly complicated - especially for large enterprises that are under increasing pressure to deliver valuable products and services to the end-user faster than ever before - Blueprint's Value Stream Mapping capabilities enable organizations to map, optimize, visualize, measure, and govern the flow of business value from ideation to delivery. Complimenting both intelligent process automation initiatives, as well as modern agile software development, the tool enables leaders to more easily drive continuous innovation and transformation across the enterprise.

Click here for Forrester’s Now Tech: Value Stream Management Tools, Q2 2020 report.

About Blueprint:

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and leading provider of digital process discovery and modeling solutions. Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite helps organizations automate complex, end-to-end business processes, ensure regulatory compliance across their digital workforce, and scale process automation initiatives across the enterprise. Blueprint’s solutions are widely deployed by Fortune 1000 organizations spanning dozens of industries.

*Forrester, Now Tech: Value Stream Management Tools, Q2 2020, by Christopher Condo with Christopher Mines, Andrew Dobak, Kara Hartig, April 29, 2020.