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Blueprint named a Contender in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 Report

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Jul 17, 2020 4:25:00 PM

Toronto, CA, July 17, 2020 - Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of process modeling, documentation, and optimization solutions for enterprise organizations, today announced that it was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its 2020 Forrester Wave™ evaluation, The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management Solutions, Q3 2020.

In this evaluation, Blueprint secured a contender position, marking its first appearance in the  Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 Report.

In its latest Wave report for Value Stream Management (VSM), Forrester evaluated 11 of the most significant VSM providers in the market today. The report evaluates each vendor’s performance across 30 criteria to help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals evaluate and select the one that best fits their needs.

We believe our ranking as a contender recognizes the intentional evolution of our product to better help customers achieve higher levels of agility, traceability, predictability, velocity and compliance through value stream management.

In particular, the Forrester Wave™ report cited positive comments regarding Blueprint’s governance and compliance capabilities, praising Blueprint’s approach of not only supporting regulatory processes by mapping requirements and constraints throughout the software lifecycle, but more importantly, providing traceability and impact analysis to help enterprise teams effectively manage changing regulations and requirements.

Furthermore, the report called out how Blueprint also incorporates integrations with robotic process automation platforms to provide further process automation capabilities.

Tony Higgins, CTO at Blueprint Software Systems shares, “We’re excited about what the future holds for value stream management, so it’s great to know that others see the importance of managing end-to-end delivery and ensuring compliance throughout that process. We think the research by Forrester will help IT leaders evolve and improve how they manage compliance through the software delivery processes, which is where we think Blueprint's approach to addressing the end-to-end lifecycle can help."

In addition, Forrester has observed, “Blueprint best suits clients that are in highly regulated industries, such as government entities or suppliers; its ability to manage regulations is top-notch."

View the full report on Forrester's website or learn more about Blueprint's Value Stream Mapping capabilities.