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Blueprint Software Systems Doubles Down on Remote Work for both Staff and Customers

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Jun 21, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Company Expands Remote Hiring Practices and Launches New Collaboration First Office Space

TORONTO, Canada – June 21, 2022—Taking cues from the Cloud first, remote-centric world of Business Process Automation, Blueprint Software Systems – a leading provider of cloud-based business process improvement software solutions – today announced that they will be fully embracing remote work company-wide.

“Blueprint has helped organizations around the world run more efficiently and operate their process automation projects at a lower cost - all through a cloud-first, location agnostic approach. We decided to adopt these insights and apply them to our business,” said Dan Shimmerman, president and CEO, Blueprint. “Covid made remote work a requirement for Blueprint over the last two years, during which time collaboration and productivity increased, so we’ve optimized our business accordingly to accelerate that trend.”

With a remote-centric workforce, Blueprint will adjust its physical office capacity this month, moving to a new location in mid-town Toronto designed to house in-person collaboration and remote communication. Employees are not required to spend any physical time in the office and there are also no geographical restrictions on company hiring.

“While we certainly respect business leaders like Elon Musk who’ve issued edicts for all employees to return to the office full time, we believe the remote-work model is not only best for our employees and customers, but also better for recruiting talent and positioning our business for the future. We already have employees in 19 cities across North America, and we plan on significantly growing that number as we expand,” Shimmerman added.

Blueprint was recently named a Market Leader in the 2022 Business Process Management (BPM) Software Customer Success Report by FeaturedCustomers. The customer success report is based on more than 3,000 pieces of verified customer reference content. A vendor’s overall customer success score is reached via a weighted average of their Content, Market Presence, and Company Scores. Of the vendors listed in the FeaturedCustomers’ Business Process Management (BPM) Software category, 25 vendors met the minimum requirements needed to be considered for the customer success report.

Additionally, Blueprint’s Automation Re-platforming Solution won Gold in the 17th Annual 2022 Information Technology World Awards in the category of New Product of the Year and was also named a finalist in Fintech Future’s 2022 Banking Tech Awards USA.


About Blueprint

Blueprint Software Systems helps organizations design, assess, and improve their automated processes to increase the value their digital workers deliver while reducing operating costs. Blueprint’s platform ingests entire automation portfolios and delivers invaluable insight and analytics into those estates, indicating where there are redundancies, overly complex automations, and re-platforming opportunities to migrate entire digital workforces to new generation intelligent automation platforms at a fraction of the cost and quicker than any other option available. 

For more information, visit www.blueprintsys.com.


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