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Leading provider of digital process discovery and modeling solutions company provides joint customers the ability to scale RPA with governance and control demanded by regulated organizations.

TORONTO, Canada – May 4, 2020 – Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of digital process discovery and modeling solutions, today announced a collaboration with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, to enable joint customers the ability to deliver and scale RPA solutions that drive key transformational outcomes.

Through this alliance, the two organizations have developed an integration between their platforms that will provide significant value-add functionality for clients across a wide array of industries and sectors, including financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, and automotive. With this integration, joint customers can design and optimize business processes in Blueprint while ensuring the necessary enterprise context is considered by connecting processes and tasks to constraints like business rules, policies, controls, regulations, non-functional requirements, etc. and export everything to Automation Anywhere with an on demand push to streamline development with enhanced context and visibility while minimizing risk.

Organizations must dynamically orchestrate people, applications and information on a global scale, while at the same time, enterprises must be agile enough to deliver business value quickly and efficiently, while still ensuring compliance across all departments. Too often, companies rush to automate, resulting in small iterations and poorly thought out processes.

Together, Blueprint and Automation Anywhere create a better way. This collaboration represents the next evolution in an optimized automation toolchain that facilitates end-to-end complex process design to bot development and deployment. It is intended to solve many of the challenges like implementing centralized automation governance, accounting for regulatory and enterprise constraints, and selecting the right tools that allow all stakeholders to easily model processes that limit organizations from scaling their automation initiatives and enable them to more easily implement and manage large-scale, transformational digital programs, with the governance and control demanded within regulated industries.

“Blueprint is thrilled to be partnering with an RPA leader like Automation Anywhere,” explains Blueprint CEO Dan Shimmerman. “Our leading technologies complement each other remarkably from process discovery and design to comprehensive and compliant deployment. This collaboration allows all stakeholders to design and optimize complex business processes that are identified as key automation opportunities before automating them with Automation Anywhere’s platform to achieve real ROI and deliver automation at enterprise scale.”

Blueprint facilitates collaboration between business and IT, allowing processes to be easily co-created using one intuitive platform that everyone can understand. With full transparency, enterprises can easily model multi-level business processes that are aligned with the broader set of business processes, customer journeys, or business value streams, while layering in business rules, policies, controls, and regulations. This makes it easy to design and optimize opportunities for RPA within the larger context of businesses faster and more effectively. These optimized, aligned, and compliant processes can then be seamlessly fed into the Automation Anywhere RPA platform with the click of a button for quick and comprehensive development and deployment.

“This collaboration with Blueprint will help our joint customers to automate, scale and optimize end-to-end business processes rapidly to create significant enterprise-wide and bottom-line impact," said Griffin Pickard, Director of Technology Alliance Program at Automation Anywhere. "Customers who deploy intelligent automation alleviate the manual, repetitive tasks, accelerating efficiency and allowing human workers to focus on strategic projects, increasing employee fulfillment and customer satisfaction.”

About Blueprint:

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and leading provider of digital process discovery and modeling solutions. Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite helps organizations automate complex, end-to-end business processes, ensure regulatory compliance across their digital workforce, and scale process automation initiatives across the enterprise. Blueprint’s solutions are widely deployed by Fortune 1000 organizations spanning dozens of industries.

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