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Blueprint Delivers Digital Process Automation (DPA) at Scale with the Latest Release of the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite

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Feb 19, 2020 12:47:00 PM

With powerful new features and technology that mitigates compliance risk and maximizes business value, Blueprint’s latest release of the Enterprise Automation Suite empowers Fortune-100 companies to effectively scale Digital Process Automation.

TORONTO, Canada – February 19, 2020 – Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of digital process discovery and modeling solutions, announced today the release of Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite v5.0 which includes the following products:

The latest evolution of Blueprint’s landmark platform delivers the technology and capabilities that enable large organizations to mine, model, analyze, and optimize complex business processes, identify the right places to apply Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and automatically load those optimized business processes into their RPA tool of choice.

“The latest release of the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite ensures our customers can realize the full potential and benefits of process automation at scale,” explains Blueprint CEO, Dan Shimmerman. “Our suite of products continues to evolve to guarantee that bots being developed are optimally designed, built, and executed in the RPA tools our customers employ so that they can overcome the common challenges of scaling Digital Process Automation (DPA) to the enterprise.”

Some of the key capabilities that have been added to the different products in v5.0 of the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite include:

  • Blueprint Business Process Modeler
    • Intelligent Whiteboard Importer - Transform any whiteboard into a living digital model with the latest version of the Intelligent Whiteboard Importer. The latest enhancements in this release include support for additional image formats, enhanced shape detection, support for low light images, and improved performance. 
    • Integration Enhancements - The Process Modeler features new, extended integration capabilities between Blueprint and leading Process Discovery and RPA providers. With the latest release, integrations now support relationships, comments, and attachments to flow through to target systems.
    • Office Integrations Extended with Visio Support - To add to the existing import and export support for Microsoft Word and Excel, the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite now features the ability to easily import any existing business processes created in Visio into the Blueprint Process Modeler or Universal Modeling Editor,  thus enabling existing processes to be quickly mapped and optimized.
  • Blueprint Process Discovery
    • Impact Analysis - Facilitating the impact of change has never been easier than with the latest 5.0 release.  Users can now filter on artifact types and collaborate on artifacts that fall in their purview of change with the ability to view and create discussions within the analysis view.
  • Blueprint Collaboration Hub
    • Reviews and Approvals - The latest iteration of Blueprint’s comprehensive reviews and approvals engine allows for stakeholders to create seamless follow-up reviews. All feedback, approvals, and review interactions are carried over from the initial review, automatically ensuring all data is accessible and reportable for audit and compliance purposes.  


About Blueprint:

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and leading provider of digital process discovery and modeling solutions. Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite helps organizations automate complex, end-to-end business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize cost, and ensure regulatory compliance across their digital workforce. Blueprint combines unique process discovery, visual business process modeling, process automation, and analytics – all within a centralized collaboration hub. By doing this, Blueprint empowers organizations to rapidly optimize, transform and scale process automation initiatives across the enterprise, mitigate compliance risk, and maximize business value. Blueprint’s solutions are widely deployed by Fortune 1000 organizations spanning dozens of industries.