Independent Health Association Chooses Blueprint to Update and Automate Document Management

“Before Blueprint, almost all our tasks in the development cycle were done manually, now with Blueprint we have been able to automate those tasks and focus on strategic business solutions."

IT Analyst

Company Profile

Independent Health Association is a medium sized enterprise, with annual turnover close to $2 billion in revenue, and about 5,000 employees. In their existing set-up, they utilized JIRA through their major projects to help with development lifecycle.




Independent Health Association



Number of Employees

Large Enterprise

Faster Release Cycles

Automating Manual Tasks
Reduced our Rework Time
And Improved Business Focus

Centralized Repository

Centralized Repository
for Documents
Improved Project Release Time

automated use case

Automated Test Cases
Understanding of
Customer Expectations

"Our previous legacy systems, like JIRA, held us back, but Blueprint has helped us do far more than before by streamlining our requirements processes and aligning Business with IT capabilities."

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

The key business challenges that led the association to evaluate, and select Blueprint as their solution were related to their overall projects.  They wished to improve the success of product and application launches, increase maturity and agility of planning and requirements processes, and to be able to manage changes required by the business. They required a tool which would help solve these issues, enhance overall project success, and create a more efficient environment for future projects.

Choosing Blueprint

The major evaluation criteria included: Visual process/solution models, Reviews and approvals, Automatic generation of use cases, tests, user stories, requirements reuse, regulations, artifacts, along with Traceability and impact analysis.

The organization had a widespread set of criteria for their future product, but after researching products within the market they chose Blueprint.

Blueprint also solved the following challenges faced by using JIRA alone:

  • A lack of a permanent system of record of what has been delivered
  • A lack of complete documentation of what has been delivered

The difficulty of tying development and testing efforts back to business objectives.


Since the introduction of Blueprint the Health Association now completes projects by up to 20% faster.They also complete the requirements / user stories of an average project with about 20% less effort.

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