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Blueprint Software Systems Offers Cure to RPA Buyer’s Remorse with Re-platforming Solution

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Apr 26, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Company Earns Finalist Honors for Excellence in Tech in the 2022 Banking Tech Awards

TORONTO, Canada – April 26, 2022—Blueprint Software Systems – a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions designed to help large organizations understand and improve their business processes – is rolling out a new re-platforming solution to address RPA platform buyer’s remorse. The new solution enables organizations to redeploy and improve existing automations from a legacy RPA platform to a new RPA platform seamlessly and securely without manual recoding.  

“Many organizations seeking to automate business processes were quickly enamored with the promises of RPA and rushed into purchasing a platform that is no longer working for them,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO, Blueprint. “With our re-platforming solution, we’ve been able to help large organizations move massive automation estates from one major RPA platform to another, saving them thousands of hours of recoding time and millions of dollars in maintenance costs – and ultimately feeling better about their RPA buying decision.”

Currently, Blueprint can re-platform automated processes from Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism instances to UiPath or Microsoft Power Automate, while providing the process insight and control organizations need when changing RPA platforms. This includes the ability to:

  • Consolidate details about entire automation estates into one central tool;
  • Analyze and understand entire automation ecosystems with intelligent dashboards, revealing details about processes such as volume, complexity, utilization, run-time, maintenance costs, and mappability to the target RPA platform;
  • Plan and prioritize work to re-platform automations quickly and iteratively, as well as identify automations that can be retired and those that should be optimized prior to re-deployment;
  • Determine exactly how much of the automated processes are directly mappable into the destination RPA tool without recoding, enabling organizations to scale the migration according to available resources, business needs, and speed to value;
  • Reduce the time, cost, and effort of re-platforming by automatically converting processes selected for export into a format compatible with a new destination platform and syncing them directly into a target RPA development environment from which low-cost resources can follow guidance to finalize automations and make them runnable;
  • Govern and optimize automated processes continuously through a Digital Blueprint that can be monitored for quality, utilization, and business value delivered for cost.

Even if an organization is comfortable with its current RPA platform, it’s good practice to regularly re-assess platform purpose, effectiveness, and efficiency in order to determine whether to remain with that platform or move to a new one,” adds Shimmerman. “Our solution makes this decision and its execution much easier.

Blueprint’s re-platforming solution was recently named a finalist in Fintech Future’s 2022 Banking Tech Awards USA. The awards, which recognize “outstanding achievements and successes in the banking and fintech industry” recognized Blueprint in the “Excellence in Tech – Tech of the Future” category.

For more information on Blueprint’s Re-platforming Solution visit: https://www.blueprintsys.com/solutions/automation-replatforming

About Blueprint

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company that helps enterprise organizations understand and improve how their business operates. Blueprint enables consolidated visibility and analysis across all processes within an organization, and provides the critical insights needed to identify improvement opportunities and then execute them with speed and precision. This enables more strategic decision-making, and dramatically reduces the time, cost, and effort associated with process analysis and optimization. For more information, visit www.blueprintsys.com.

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