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Blueprint to Host Live Roundtable Examining the Need for Universal RPA Design Standards

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May 25, 2021 10:48:18 AM

Panel of Experts to Discuss Automation Challenges and the Benefits of Establishing Industry Guidelines

TORONTO, Canada – May 25, 2021—Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of the most powerful process automation design environment available on the market, is hosting a free roundtable webinar, “The Future of RPA: How universal RPA design standards enable RPA at scale and increase ROI,” on Thursday, June 3 at 10 a.m. ET.

RPA has reached a level of maturity where it’s well beyond pilot projects. Organizations are now looking to scale their automation initiatives to capture the full value that RPA promises. This live panel event will feature several experts from the RPA industry who will discuss how universal RPA design standards can enable RPA at scale and help organizations achieve greater ROI from RPA. Panelists include: 

One of the greatest challenges across the RPA space is the lack of industry standards for the way process automations are specified. Consequently, as many as 40 percent of all automation initiatives fail to realize positive returns on investment, such as lower costs, increased productivity, or better customer experiences,” said Sword, who will moderate the panel. “We are looking forward to a lively discussion with this group to raise awareness about this important issue that impacts all industries.”

The panel will cover:

  • The implications of RPA tools speaking different languages and its impact on automation design and RPA workflow;
  • How a universal, well-defined set of RPA standards can benefit all RPA programs and the RPA market as a whole;
  • What would RPA design standards look like and what they would do;
  • Steps to establish a universal set of RPA standards for all RPA programs and providers.

Anyone interested in attending this event can register free of charge at: https://www.processexcellencenetwork.com/events-automationdesignstandards/

About Blueprint

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and leading provider of digital process design and management solutions. Our award-winning cloud-based platform, the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite, integrates directly with the leading RPA platforms to provide a better way to design sustainable, high-quality RPA models and manage change across the RPA lifecycle.

By providing the visibility and control they need to move automation projects forward with speed and precision, our customers can efficiently scale the volume and quality of their RPA initiatives and drive greater ROI from their automation programs.

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