Elekta Adopts Blueprint to Improve Agile IT Infrastructure and to Promote Collaboration

“As people start engaging with the system, they get excited to use it. They definitely see it as superior to our old document-based approach.”

Jeff Hallet, Director of Global Process Engineering

Company Profile

Elekta is a Swedish company that provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery, related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders. The organization is an industry leader, focused on developing innovative equipment and software, and currently employs over 3,600 people around the world.




Medical Devices



Number of Employees


Traceability and Trackability

Fully Electronically Traceable With Verification
and Validation for Product Requirements

centralized repository1

Shared Requirements Repository Removes Silos &
Promotes Cross-Collaboration


Electronic Signature
Ensures All Projects Meet Compliance Requirements

With Blueprint, we were able to create a shared vision for products with a more efficient approach for work through the iterative process of Agile."

Senior Business Analyst

Challenges Faced

Elekta operates within a highly regulated industry so they must control their software design and development practices in a way that ensures quality and meets the applicable regulations and standards.

Wasted Time and Resources – Originally, Elekta relied on Microsoft Word to create and manage the requirements for all their products. This created many challenges because a lot of resources were wasted due to added rework time.

Lack of Alignment and Consistency – New projects could not be prioritized until previous ones were fully complete. Elekta struggled with finding a consistent definition for product functionality on a global scale. Their inefficient practices led to expensive overhead costs that would hinder their time-to-market delivery.

Low Collaboration between Teams – A fundamental benefit of Agile is collaboration and mutual learning through rapid iteration cycles. Prior to Blueprint’s integration, Elekta was challenged with creating an interactive work environment which resulted in a knowledge gap between teams. Future development was stalled because information was not properly transferred throughout the global organization.

Choosing Blueprint

In order to determine if Blueprint was the right solution for their entire organization, Elekta chose to deploy the platform to only 20-30 users who worked throughout the organization on varying projects. Establishing a core set of users helped Elekta see how Blueprint would work within their company, and then later adopt and integrate the tool across the entire firm.

Ease of Use and Robust Features – The primary reason Elekta chose to deploy their Blueprint solution was that it was easy to use, accessible, and able to meet many of their industry’s compliance requirements – including electronic signature requirements.

Elekta utilizes the entire suite of Blueprint solutions – from requirements definition and traceability, to collaboration and use cases and workflows. Blueprint supports their Agile practice by empowering them with the necessary tools to manage requirements at a granular level.

Collaboration and Work Management – With Blueprint, Elekta promoted collaboration and created a shared vision for products through the iterative process of Agile. Blueprint assisted Elekta with dismantling projects into small tasks, allowing all stakeholders to focus on the relevant information. Applying these practices promoted a more efficient approach for work which aligned with their Agile development cadence.

As well, a single shared repository for requirements promoted collaboration across project teams. Where silos used to exist, Elekta now shares a consistent vision across the organization.

Traceability and Integration – Elekta required a solution that supported traceability. With cloud-hosting options and the capability to easily integrate with HP ALM, Blueprint allowed Elekta to become fully electronically traceable with verification and validation for product system requirements. Retiring their previous paper methods allowed Elekta to employ a simpler practice for maintaining electronic processes.


Moving Forward

Moving forward, Elekta plans to continue to invest in their Agile practice. They are looking to create a greater connection between Blueprint and other legacy tools that will assist them in test case management and their intake management process. This would make managing incoming work much easier and they are aiming to entirely replace their outdated document-based approach with Blueprint. Blueprint will be used in approximately 30 teams, so intake management is going to play a large role in work delegation and team structure.

Elekta also intends to use Blueprint to measure employee productivity and see if there are improvements in re-use. With this data, Elekta can identify key performance indicators that show improvements from their new activities compared to old ones.

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