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Securing Executive Buy-In for RPA Scale

Why you need to gain executive buy-in if you want to achieve RPA at scale

Positioning RPA to your executives is so important because they’re the ones that need to sponsor it. The key here is to align RPA implementation with high-level business goals and objectives—explain how RPA contributes to the most common business objectives that all organizations strive for such as:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement due to enhanced efficiency. For example, think of the positive operational impact automated processes have on processing customer requests during spikes in demand
  • More efficient and higher quality process execution saving thousands of hours of effort. Without human error, there is less rework necessary and bots execute processes with more efficiency leading to better quality.
  • Reinforced regulatory compliance. Bots that are aligned to and governed by regulatory compliant steps, strengthen compliance when compared to humans who regularly deviate from processes for several reasons.
  • Increased bandwidth for the organization’s talent to drive innovation and value because they can focus on higher-value tasks instead of completing mechanical and mundane processes

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