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The Citizen Designer

The concept of the ‘Citizen Developer’ is inherently flawed. After all, RPA development is by default very technical in nature. To truly unlock value from an automation program, companies must automate increasingly complex processes; the notion that the average non-technical user can take on this task is unrealistic. 

Enter the Citizen Designer. With Blueprint, you can arm your business and operations experts with the tools they need to cut costs, improve efficiency and achieve true scalability. In this datasheet you will learn:

  • What is a Citizen Designer
  • Skills and Responsibilities of the Citizen Designer
  • Who are the existing Citizen Designers in your Organization
  • How Blueprint Enables Citizen Designers

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Blueprint Task Capture is a rapid process discovery tool that helps you accelerate business process documentation and deep-dive into automation methods, enabling you to quickly capture, prioritize, enhance and accelerate the automation process.

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Watch our on-demand webinar Citizen Designers: How Empowering Employees is the Key To Scaling And Accelerating Digital Transformation to learn how to fast-track automation pipelines and scale automation programs with Blueprint Task Capture.

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Blueprint Task Capture approaches process discovery from a completely different angle. In this datasheet learn how Blueprint Task Capture reduces noise and gives you what you need most: the critical task details for each step of the higher-level process to accelerate automation.