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Breaking the Myth of the Citizen Developer:
How Citizen Designers are the Key to Hyperautomation at Scale


The idea that Citizen Developers could drive large-scale digital transformations never materialized. 

Watch this webinar presented by Blueprint's CRO, Charles Sword, at this year's Intelligent Automation World Series to see how Citizen Designers can deliver automation at enterprise-scale and accelerate digital transformations in a way the Citizen Developer was unable to.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why the concept of the Citizen Developer is flawed and should be replaced with the idea of a Citizen Designer if you truly want to achieve RPA at scale.
  2. How to analyze and identify processes that fast-track your ROI with Blueprint Task Capture.
  3. Best practices for accelerating the capture, prioritization, and optimization of automations using Citizen Designers.

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